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[Internal Log]
... It's so quiet. But, rather than peaceful... things are so tense here... I'm afraid it'd break if I stepped on it. It's that brittle. It's unnerving. And scary.

Are things like this, here, often? Judjing by how tense and worried the others look... I don't think so. They've had it hard, they've had it rough, but... even they're worried.

Primus... I'm scared. There are so few of us left here in the Ark... and more keep getting called out... Everything is happening so quickly... Even though things were rough on Cybertron, they were never like THIS.

But... even if I AM scared... I'm here, now... I can't go scurrying off to my room, or Cybertron... and hide any longer. I haven't been here long, but... the mechs I've seen, here? The ones I've met... made friends with...? I can't run and hide. I can't abandon them.

I might not be a warrior, or especially strong... but I will do all I can, if it comes to it... to help defend my new home, and my friends...[/Internal Log]

*in her quarters, Kali pulls her sword from subspace, checking it over... sharpening it, polishing it's edge... then subspaces it again. She then leaves her quarters, and starts to wander the halls of the Ark, moving towards the Common Room, and where Teletran-01 is... to see if there was anything she could DO to help...*


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January 2008


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