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*Kali has returned to her quarters, for the moment, and is sitting at her desk, listening to the tune from the music box Wheeljack had given her, during their meeting for prep-work on her alt. mode. The kitten-bots are romping around on the desk near it, 'dancing' to the tune. Despite the "cuteness" of the scene, Kali can't smile. Her colours have faded to drab greys and steel blues, as a result*

[Internal Log] Well... things are winding down, now. At least, I hope they are... :( No reason for the Decepticon intruder to STAY in the Ark anymore. At least, I HOPE that neutrino sweep forced him out.

I feel so... adrift at the moment. Helpless. Things never moved along at this insane rate of speed on Cybertron. Never. But here, on Earth...? Everything is accellerated. Maybe it has something to do with the organic nature of the planet? I don't know... All I do know is just that... lately... I -- and probably all the other Autobots here -- just feel jerked around, tugged this way and that... reacting to each and every new disaster. We're barely getting any time to rest. And, as I'm not really a fighter like many of the mechs here, and to be honest, not that skilled a spy... ...*sigh* I feel so lost and helpless, in this. I want to do something, but so far, all I can do is help defend against attacks.

Perhaps that is enough. But... I still worry, and wish I can do more. *she glances to the music box* Perhaps... there is something I can do. I never was trained for this, I'm not skilled, and if I'd only be in the way, I'll leave, but... ...there are so many injured mechs, right now. And Ratchet is hurt, unable to help. I know there are more medics -- First Aid, and Wheeljack and Perceptor are skilled, too, but... If there is some way I can help... even if it's running to get tools, turn things on, or off... I want to assist. There is no harm in asking, I suppose.[/Internal Log]

*her mind made up, Kali stands, closing the music box (must to the mewling protest of the kitten-bots -- Kali turns on the radio, softly, instead), then leaves her quarters, heading for Med Bay. Hovering at the door a moment, she taps the closed door, wondering and worrying at the situation inside*
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