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((OOC: just to note... I don't really know when this is, in regards to everything else... We all seem to be scattered among a couple days, now. ^^; *laughs* Err... take this as the day (or two) after all the big battles, perhaps. x.x))

*coming out of recharge, Kali sat for a while, very carefully petting Dutchess while she watched the kittenbots play. She went over her discussion with KC last night, having retired to her quarters after getting some energon in the lounge.*

[Internal log] I'm still worried. Scared. Of all the possibilities... what could happen. The worst-case scenarios. I've always been frightened of the war... of death. Now is no different, but things are so much more immediate, now. And it's not just my life, any more. I had a few friends on Cybertron, but... now... here...

*sighing, Kali carefully placed Dutchess back with the kittens, and stood*

I can't stay here, hiding in my quarters. I can't loose myself to my fears. I have to become stronger. For the others. For myself.[/Internal log]

*nodding to herself, Kali exited her quarters, heading for the training halls. Once there, she shuttered her optics while taking in a breath of air through her intakes, opening them as she 'exhaled'. Her expression then steeling, she began to do a series of 'warm ups' before moving into a couple katas, from a few styles of Cybertronian martial arts. Moving fluidly from one pose to the next, her pace picked up, fighting a shadow oppenent.*

.o(I must become stronger... Both in combat, and in spirit, if I wish to stay here, on Earth. And I can... I will. I WANT to be of use, here... To help. To contribute. However possible. I will not be weak. I will not be a liability...)

*an hour later, she finally finished, and let out a sigh, heated air hissing from her intakes, systems trying to cool down after her extertion. She was tired, and in desperate need of some energon, but she felt better. Dancing, or martial arts always helped her, she found. Both were things she enjoyed, and in martial arts, it was a way she could still fight, and protect herself and others. In a way, it was a little like meditation, too... She focussed on the flow of movement... and only that... and it helped to clear her mind.*

*Leaving the training hall, she entered the lounge, but paused before helping herself to a mug over energon, her expression thoughtful*

.o(... I want to talk to Tracks... There are some things I have to ask him about... I don't wish to bother him, though, if he's still recharging. Primus knows, he and the other warriors have gone through a lot, lately...)

*pausing a moment more, she finally nodded to herself again, and moved over to a computer terminal, tapping out a quick message*

[Sec.Automail:Tracks] Good morning, Tracks... it's Kali. I do hope I haven't interrupted you. I trust you've slept well? I know you're probably still tired from battle, but... I would like to talk to you about some matters, if you have the time? I'm in the lounge, currently... I can come to meet you, perhaps? (I do hope that's not sounding too forward, but some of these matters are private, and I don't wish to be overheard)[/Sec.Automail]


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