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*after a quick stop by the lounge to refuel on some mid-grade, Kali stepped out of the Ark, raising one hand to shield her optics from the sunlight*

.o(Such a different world. So much has happened since coming here, but I really haven't had the time to learn too much about this planet, or take a look at it. I need to... test out this new form of mine, so... I suppose now's as good a time as any.)

*stepping out into the open a little more, Kali replayed the information she'd looked up on what her alt. mode apparantly was, as well as the commands to change from one form to the other. Standing up a little straighter, she pushed down her worries and spoke the command to change into her beast mode*

*all things went smoothly -- her robot form folded up, lower legs rotating 180 degrees, panels slid over and 'cocooned' her as she finished the transformation into a trumpeter swan...*

*...then she found herself over-balancing, wings flapping uselessly as she pitched forward, onto her chest, on the dusty ground. Tail feathers sticking up in the air, her back legs a little TOO far back for her liking, and kicking wildly along with her wings, Kali tried to stand back up. Pushing against the ground with her wings hurt more than helped... and eventually Kali gave up and sat down in the dirt, feathers ruffled as she craned her neck, looking about... going quite pink with embarassment*

.o(Primus what a scene. I hope no one saw me like that... T_T From the human's records, these creatures are considered 'graceful'... unless I was reading things wrong. Aside from that, I'm used to being graceful. But ever since this change, I... I feel as if I'm stuck on a spinning platform; I can't find my feet. ... Practice, practice, practice, though... That was the way of things back at the Grand Acadamy... Things should be no different here.)

*fluffing her feathers, Kali shifted to get her feet under her again, and carefully stood. She wobbled a bit, but didn't try moving, instead focussing on finding her balance.*

.o(Flying... and swimming. Those were the two things specified with this form. While I've never... "swum" before... flying is something a little more familiar to me. Let's try that, first.)

*opening her wings, Kali craned her neck into the air, and stretched her legs. For a moment, nothing happened... then her plumage -- which had been slowly turning white again, regained its pink hues as she realised that organic flight meant flapping. At first, beating her wings seemed to do little else than just surround her in a dust cloud. It took a couple more tries and expermentations, often ending up with her tumbling to the ground, before she finally managed to get airborne. Gaining some height, she levelled off just above the tree-tops, letting out a little sigh of relief*

.o(Well... ONE roadblock down. I'm so dusty now, though... that I think I should practice this "swimming" thing. There's a river nearby; I can catch a glimpse of it from up here. I don't want to fly too far out, or for too long, anyway. Small steps 'till I'm used to things.)

*circling, Kali carefully banked down towards the water, slowly gliding over the small river before touching down. And, again to her chagrin, floundering as she nearly submerged herself and toppled over*

.o(AWGH! I thought this form was supposed to GLIDE in the water! What happened?!)

*Wings flapping wildly again, she kicked with her feet, churning the water until she was able to regain her balance. But as soon as she regained her 'balance', she stopped flapping -- and kicking... and nearly went under again*

Ak! Kaleidoscope... maximize!

*shifting back into robot mode, Kali found herself up to her waist in the water, still dusty [which was turning into a fine layer of mud] and dripping with water, 'panting' heavily as intakes drew in air to combat her racing engine -- rattled from her less-than-stellar experiences and the activity*

I think... I'd best do a little more RESEARCH on just how swans fly and swim... before I try any of that again... @__x; *she pauses, staring down at her distorted reflection in the water. A curious expression crossed her face, and she reached out to trail her fingers in the water* .... No rush to go BACK, though, I suppose. I am still dusty, and need to wash this all off. Very curious, this water. Interesting, too. I think I'll be okay if I stay in my robot mode...

*smiling, then, Kali ducked under the surface of the water, intent on making the best on what - up to this point - had been a rather embarassing outing, and get to learn about this planet a little, first-hand*


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