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Well... aside from some horrid embarrasment down in the medical bay, I would say I am settling in... fairly well. Ratchet and Wheeljack might be a little rough around the edges, as all are here, I would imagine, but they are good and decent mechs. I ... must learn not to judge a mech by any "rough edges". I must be better than that.

I am looking forward to meeting Jazz and Blaster. If what Ratchet says is true, and these two are well-versed in Earthen music and dance, I want to learn as much as I can from them!


Jul. 4th, 2005 03:32 pm
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Well, we're here. Omega has just left space warp, and I've gotten my first sight at my new "home" for the next little while. I must say, from a distance at least, it is really a beautiful planet. Nothing like Cybertron, of course... but it has it's own charm. It's colours are pleasing... all blue and green and white.

Omega says we'll be landing in the northwest, on the continent called "North America", in the northern hemisphere of the planet. I am both nervous and excited upon meeting the other Autobots.

I suppose it would be best to prepare myself for arrival, now. I have my dossier and transfer files here, as well as the inventory that's been requested. It's only proper to have everything in order before arriving...
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Proper IC log'll be coming up in a bit, but before that...

some fun responses on memes... )
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Well. I do not quite know what to think. I am currently in-transit to Earth, aboard a large Autobot by the name of Omega Supreme. By the look of him, I would surmise he's one of the old Guardian Robots. Which was quite the shock to me, as I was unware that any of them were even sentient. But Omega Supreme is most definately sentient, if not much of a conversationalist... Which is fine by me. I am not in the mood to converse much, anyway.

I have been away from Cybertron before, but never for so long, and never so far. I am travelling to Earth, to join the Autobot forces stationed there. I have heard some interesting things about that planet, and I am eager to arrive, and to do some studying of the various forms of dance and martial arts there, but... ... I have a forboding about it all.

I do not mix well with others; I am well aware of that. On Cybertron, I could at least retreat to my own quarters, tucked safely away deep beneath the planet. There, I could reflect on the past and the life I lost. On Earth, however...? I have heard that the Ark's quarters are quite cramped, and rather chaotic. I will be right in the mix of the rank and file, I... I do not know how I will adapt to this situation. To the best of my abilities, I suppose. I can only pray that they are not... too ill-behaved, otherwise I might find my wiring getting tied in a knot.

I look behind me, towards the cargo hold, and can only wonder how the situation on Earth is. A call by the CMO, a mech by the name of Ratchet, had been made, placing a rather huge order on various parts, circuitry, tools... Too many things I have no idea what they would be used for. It makes me curious, and also afeared. To ask for all this... how bad is the situation to warrant such a huge request of spare parts? Are these the front lines I am being steadily flown to? Where mechs are continually being torn up by laser fire? It makes me tremble to think. I am not a front line fighter. I'm an intelligence agent. No doubt my skills will be in demand once I arrive. I will perform my duties as a model soldier, of course. I will not bring shame to my line, or class, by being a coward. And yet I can't help but feel scared about all of this. I knew what the situation was like on Cybertron. On Earth... I will be a lone turbofox, stranded on the hunting grounds.

I should keep an open mind about this. I heard that Mirage was a part of Optimus Prime's crew. He was an old accquaintance on Cybertron, before the war. I didn't know him personally, but we moved in some similar circles. At least I'll have some common ground with him..

I suppose I should close this log, now. We're about to enter a warp gate, to take us to Earth, and I am not sure what sort of effect that will have on my log recorder. For better or for worse, next stop, Earth.


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