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Well, I suppose I might as well introduce myself, correct?

My name is Kaleidoscope. I am a female Autobot, recently arrived here on Earth. An interesting planet, I must say. I'm quite intregued by the various forms of dance and martial arts, here. I used to be a dancer on Cybertron, before the war, you see... but when I joined the Autobots, I turned my talents towards the martial arts.

Very distateful, this war, though. So... gaudy and crude. I hope it will be over, soon. It's destroyed so much of Cybertronian culture, there is barely anything left...

((OOC: Kali is, as stated, a former dancer-turned-martial artist. She wields a diamond-edged scimitar, and a small photon pistol [but she prefers not to use that 'crude' thing ^^;] She was one of Cyberton's high-class citizens, quiet and shy, and has trouble adapting well to the 'rank and file'.

She's in the Intelligence Department, and has a special 'paint pigment' all over her skin that allows her to change colours. It's controlled by will or mood, but mood overrides will [strong emotions will essentially turn a 'bot into a walking mood ring, if they're not careful. XD]))

OOC: this's just a little blog, run for fun (and much insanity) in the tfblogs community. :) (maintained by uftaki If you wish to watch, fine... If you want to comment, that's fine too, but if you're not a member of the tfblogs community, please put "OOC" in the header. Thanks. :)
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