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*things finally seeming to wind down in Med Bay, pretty much... or at least HOPEFULLY so; Kali got the feeling a couple 'bots would be in, after this "paintball incident" [whatever THAT was, but if it involved paint, and high-grade, it was no doubt messy]. Most, if not all, mechs had now been ejected from Med Bay, and Kali realized her help was no longer needed. Not that she'd really been able to do much, but at least it had been something...*

*after most of the mechs had left, she'd pondered simply going back to her quarters, or helping more... and as Ratchet and the other medics certainly seemed exhausted... Well... She wasn't as tired as the others, not yet at least. Heading off into the hall, she returned a short while later, a bucket of soapy water in one hand, a sponge in the other. Shaking her head and chuckling to herself, she started to clean off the top of one of the repair tables*

.o(Well... Kaleidoscope... you've certainly been changing since arriving here. You would never have stooped to doing 'manual labor' like this before the war... and even during the war, on Cybertron... I still held myself aloof. What is it about this place, that changed me so?)

*she paused, smiling faintly as the answers came to her*

.o(They're... so much more -vibrant-, here. Things are ever-so immediate... and the camraderie among the mechs here... I can't help but be drawn in. And, well...)

She trailed off in her thoughts, pausing, and actually giggling faintly... before resuming the cleaning at a faster pace.

.o(I've heard other femmes at the Acadamy say that being in love was such a freeing sensation... but I didn't quite believe them. Until now. Tracks...)

*her thoughts breaking off again, she covered another shy giggle by crouching to squeeze out the sponge into the bucket, loading it with more suds and starting to clean again*

.o(You are as... giddy and giggly as a sparkling, Kali... And I still want to keep this quiet. I ... know there's no real reason not to, but... there are SOME things you just can't get past in a few days... not to mention years of upbringing. ... They really don't need to know, anyway. So far, so long as it's just us... that's all I need. .... Though, to be proper, I should go talk to his sister, at one point.)

*finishing up, she moved off to another repair table, starting to wipe that one down as well. She paused, the sponge only a fraction of an inch away from a small puddle of mech fluid*

.o(.... there's another reason... This... horrid war. I don't really guess I mind the Autobots knowing, but... Primus... if the Deceptions were to learn of this...?)

*sighing, trembling, she scrubbed madly at the spot for a moment to clean it off*

.o(I... cannot worry about that. It's a worst-case scenario, but... Primus. It's a scary thought. I'm already scared for Tracks' safety. But he's a warrior. I know he'll be on the front lines. And I might be sent off on some mission myself. .... I just... won't take any unneccessary chances. That's all. That's all I can do. But Primus... If he's caught... If I'm caught, and they know....)

*Kali stopped again, this time bringing one hand up to cover her face, the other still clenching the sponge tightly*
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