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*Kali had been in recharge... but jerked awake at the sounds of various mechs yelling and shouting about all the craziness going on. She jumped out of her berth, landing on four feet, dashing out into the hall, looking about* By Primus...! What's going on? Again?

*it's then that she realizes she's considerably SMALLER than normal, and is standing on all four limbs. She looks at herself, then does a double-take.*

*She's not only smaller than before, she's definatley more organic. Making a whimpering sound of distress, she flutters her wings, then sets off at a dead run for med-bay*


((ooc: pic I hastily whipped up, for everyone's refrence under the LJ-cut. ^_~))

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Oct. 7th, 2007 03:24 pm
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Hmm... this holiday is certainly very... macabre... but interesting, in its own unique way. ^^; I'm certianly loving all the creative costumes! :D And that said...

I believe the phrase is 'trick or treat?' )
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It took me a while to actually muster up the courage and start asking around (and figure out exactly how to do that, to begin with!), but I actually managed to find an instructor willing to actually come to the Ark to train a couple of us in Tai-Chi. ^__^ He sounded very amused, but also interested in this, so I hope it all goes well.

Nothing's been confirmed yet, however. I'm not sure what the 'rules and regulations' regarding human visits to the Ark are, or how they're handled. Who do I need to talk to to officially set these lessons up? o.o Red Alert, I know you'd be one for sure. ^_^; And, Frostbite? You deal with things like 'payments', right?

I will post up a list in the lounge for anyone who's interested in attending. He has a very busy schedule, so practices can only be every second Sunday.

And on a semi-related note, apparantly the third season of Avatar will start showing on some channels this "fall". :) (when what falls, though? o.o)
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I just came across this wonderfully interesting human television series called "Avatar: the Last Airbender". I really don't understand this whole 'tee-vee' thing much at all. most of it seems horribly confusing, but I must admit I am quite enjoying this! :D The artwork is superb, and I am enamored with the various martial-arts styles displayed. :)

I would love to try to learn some of these Earthen martial-arts styles. Are there any Autobots out there who could possibly be a teacher? If not, I suppose it'd have to be self-taught lessons. I trust there are resources out there to learn from. It won't be as effective, but I somehow doubt I'd fit in a human's dojo. ^_^;

Is anyone else interested in taking lessons with me? :)

And also, does anyone know when the next season will start? ^_^;
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*after having cleaned off the dust and dirt, Kaleidoscope started wandering around the Ark's surroundings, never really having had the time to explore before. She took her time, at a slow, leisurely pace... simply observing and exploring and learning about her new home. As much as she could learn through observation, that is. Sometimes, she merely sat and watched and listened, in a sort of meditative state for a half-hour or more, before moving on*

*after a couple hours, Kali finally returned to the Ark, making her way down the halls to the lounge. Getting a mug of mid-grade from the dispensers, she moved over to a computer console, searching for and then downloading information on her new beast-mode's form and other related facts (that - to her earlier embarrassment she found she was lacking) onto a datapad. Both in-hand, Kali moved over to one of the lounges sofas, carefully sitting down (it took some creative work to find a position to put her wings in, and sit at, where it wouldn't be uncomfortable). Sipping at the mid-grade, a small smile crossed her face as she began to read the information on the datapad*
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*after a quick stop by the lounge to refuel on some mid-grade, Kali stepped out of the Ark, raising one hand to shield her optics from the sunlight*

.o(Such a different world. So much has happened since coming here, but I really haven't had the time to learn too much about this planet, or take a look at it. I need to... test out this new form of mine, so... I suppose now's as good a time as any.)

*stepping out into the open a little more, Kali replayed the information she'd looked up on what her alt. mode apparantly was, as well as the commands to change from one form to the other. Standing up a little straighter, she pushed down her worries and spoke the command to change into her beast mode*

*all things went smoothly -- her robot form folded up, lower legs rotating 180 degrees, panels slid over and 'cocooned' her as she finished the transformation into a trumpeter swan...*

*...then she found herself over-balancing, wings flapping uselessly as she pitched forward, onto her chest, on the dusty ground. Tail feathers sticking up in the air, her back legs a little TOO far back for her liking, and kicking wildly along with her wings, Kali tried to stand back up. Pushing against the ground with her wings hurt more than helped... and eventually Kali gave up and sat down in the dirt, feathers ruffled as she craned her neck, looking about... going quite pink with embarassment*

.o(Primus what a scene. I hope no one saw me like that... T_T From the human's records, these creatures are considered 'graceful'... unless I was reading things wrong. Aside from that, I'm used to being graceful. But ever since this change, I... I feel as if I'm stuck on a spinning platform; I can't find my feet. ... Practice, practice, practice, though... That was the way of things back at the Grand Acadamy... Things should be no different here.)

*fluffing her feathers, Kali shifted to get her feet under her again, and carefully stood. She wobbled a bit, but didn't try moving, instead focussing on finding her balance.*

.o(Flying... and swimming. Those were the two things specified with this form. While I've never... "swum" before... flying is something a little more familiar to me. Let's try that, first.)

*opening her wings, Kali craned her neck into the air, and stretched her legs. For a moment, nothing happened... then her plumage -- which had been slowly turning white again, regained its pink hues as she realised that organic flight meant flapping. At first, beating her wings seemed to do little else than just surround her in a dust cloud. It took a couple more tries and expermentations, often ending up with her tumbling to the ground, before she finally managed to get airborne. Gaining some height, she levelled off just above the tree-tops, letting out a little sigh of relief*

.o(Well... ONE roadblock down. I'm so dusty now, though... that I think I should practice this "swimming" thing. There's a river nearby; I can catch a glimpse of it from up here. I don't want to fly too far out, or for too long, anyway. Small steps 'till I'm used to things.)

*circling, Kali carefully banked down towards the water, slowly gliding over the small river before touching down. And, again to her chagrin, floundering as she nearly submerged herself and toppled over*

.o(AWGH! I thought this form was supposed to GLIDE in the water! What happened?!)

*Wings flapping wildly again, she kicked with her feet, churning the water until she was able to regain her balance. But as soon as she regained her 'balance', she stopped flapping -- and kicking... and nearly went under again*

Ak! Kaleidoscope... maximize!

*shifting back into robot mode, Kali found herself up to her waist in the water, still dusty [which was turning into a fine layer of mud] and dripping with water, 'panting' heavily as intakes drew in air to combat her racing engine -- rattled from her less-than-stellar experiences and the activity*

I think... I'd best do a little more RESEARCH on just how swans fly and swim... before I try any of that again... @__x; *she pauses, staring down at her distorted reflection in the water. A curious expression crossed her face, and she reached out to trail her fingers in the water* .... No rush to go BACK, though, I suppose. I am still dusty, and need to wash this all off. Very curious, this water. Interesting, too. I think I'll be okay if I stay in my robot mode...

*smiling, then, Kali ducked under the surface of the water, intent on making the best on what - up to this point - had been a rather embarassing outing, and get to learn about this planet a little, first-hand*
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((OOC: just to note... I don't really know when this is, in regards to everything else... We all seem to be scattered among a couple days, now. ^^; *laughs* Err... take this as the day (or two) after all the big battles, perhaps. x.x))

*coming out of recharge, Kali sat for a while, very carefully petting Dutchess while she watched the kittenbots play. She went over her discussion with KC last night, having retired to her quarters after getting some energon in the lounge.*

[Internal log] I'm still worried. Scared. Of all the possibilities... what could happen. The worst-case scenarios. I've always been frightened of the war... of death. Now is no different, but things are so much more immediate, now. And it's not just my life, any more. I had a few friends on Cybertron, but... now... here...

*sighing, Kali carefully placed Dutchess back with the kittens, and stood*

I can't stay here, hiding in my quarters. I can't loose myself to my fears. I have to become stronger. For the others. For myself.[/Internal log]

*nodding to herself, Kali exited her quarters, heading for the training halls. Once there, she shuttered her optics while taking in a breath of air through her intakes, opening them as she 'exhaled'. Her expression then steeling, she began to do a series of 'warm ups' before moving into a couple katas, from a few styles of Cybertronian martial arts. Moving fluidly from one pose to the next, her pace picked up, fighting a shadow oppenent.*

.o(I must become stronger... Both in combat, and in spirit, if I wish to stay here, on Earth. And I can... I will. I WANT to be of use, here... To help. To contribute. However possible. I will not be weak. I will not be a liability...)

*an hour later, she finally finished, and let out a sigh, heated air hissing from her intakes, systems trying to cool down after her extertion. She was tired, and in desperate need of some energon, but she felt better. Dancing, or martial arts always helped her, she found. Both were things she enjoyed, and in martial arts, it was a way she could still fight, and protect herself and others. In a way, it was a little like meditation, too... She focussed on the flow of movement... and only that... and it helped to clear her mind.*

*Leaving the training hall, she entered the lounge, but paused before helping herself to a mug over energon, her expression thoughtful*

.o(... I want to talk to Tracks... There are some things I have to ask him about... I don't wish to bother him, though, if he's still recharging. Primus knows, he and the other warriors have gone through a lot, lately...)

*pausing a moment more, she finally nodded to herself again, and moved over to a computer terminal, tapping out a quick message*

[Sec.Automail:Tracks] Good morning, Tracks... it's Kali. I do hope I haven't interrupted you. I trust you've slept well? I know you're probably still tired from battle, but... I would like to talk to you about some matters, if you have the time? I'm in the lounge, currently... I can come to meet you, perhaps? (I do hope that's not sounding too forward, but some of these matters are private, and I don't wish to be overheard)[/Sec.Automail]
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*things finally seeming to wind down in Med Bay, pretty much... or at least HOPEFULLY so; Kali got the feeling a couple 'bots would be in, after this "paintball incident" [whatever THAT was, but if it involved paint, and high-grade, it was no doubt messy]. Most, if not all, mechs had now been ejected from Med Bay, and Kali realized her help was no longer needed. Not that she'd really been able to do much, but at least it had been something...*

*after most of the mechs had left, she'd pondered simply going back to her quarters, or helping more... and as Ratchet and the other medics certainly seemed exhausted... Well... She wasn't as tired as the others, not yet at least. Heading off into the hall, she returned a short while later, a bucket of soapy water in one hand, a sponge in the other. Shaking her head and chuckling to herself, she started to clean off the top of one of the repair tables*

.o(Well... Kaleidoscope... you've certainly been changing since arriving here. You would never have stooped to doing 'manual labor' like this before the war... and even during the war, on Cybertron... I still held myself aloof. What is it about this place, that changed me so?)

*she paused, smiling faintly as the answers came to her*

.o(They're... so much more -vibrant-, here. Things are ever-so immediate... and the camraderie among the mechs here... I can't help but be drawn in. And, well...)

She trailed off in her thoughts, pausing, and actually giggling faintly... before resuming the cleaning at a faster pace.

.o(I've heard other femmes at the Acadamy say that being in love was such a freeing sensation... but I didn't quite believe them. Until now. Tracks...)

*her thoughts breaking off again, she covered another shy giggle by crouching to squeeze out the sponge into the bucket, loading it with more suds and starting to clean again*

.o(You are as... giddy and giggly as a sparkling, Kali... And I still want to keep this quiet. I ... know there's no real reason not to, but... there are SOME things you just can't get past in a few days... not to mention years of upbringing. ... They really don't need to know, anyway. So far, so long as it's just us... that's all I need. .... Though, to be proper, I should go talk to his sister, at one point.)

*finishing up, she moved off to another repair table, starting to wipe that one down as well. She paused, the sponge only a fraction of an inch away from a small puddle of mech fluid*

.o(.... there's another reason... This... horrid war. I don't really guess I mind the Autobots knowing, but... Primus... if the Deceptions were to learn of this...?)

*sighing, trembling, she scrubbed madly at the spot for a moment to clean it off*

.o(I... cannot worry about that. It's a worst-case scenario, but... Primus. It's a scary thought. I'm already scared for Tracks' safety. But he's a warrior. I know he'll be on the front lines. And I might be sent off on some mission myself. .... I just... won't take any unneccessary chances. That's all. That's all I can do. But Primus... If he's caught... If I'm caught, and they know....)

*Kali stopped again, this time bringing one hand up to cover her face, the other still clenching the sponge tightly*
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*Kali has returned to her quarters, for the moment, and is sitting at her desk, listening to the tune from the music box Wheeljack had given her, during their meeting for prep-work on her alt. mode. The kitten-bots are romping around on the desk near it, 'dancing' to the tune. Despite the "cuteness" of the scene, Kali can't smile. Her colours have faded to drab greys and steel blues, as a result*

[Internal Log] Well... things are winding down, now. At least, I hope they are... :( No reason for the Decepticon intruder to STAY in the Ark anymore. At least, I HOPE that neutrino sweep forced him out.

I feel so... adrift at the moment. Helpless. Things never moved along at this insane rate of speed on Cybertron. Never. But here, on Earth...? Everything is accellerated. Maybe it has something to do with the organic nature of the planet? I don't know... All I do know is just that... lately... I -- and probably all the other Autobots here -- just feel jerked around, tugged this way and that... reacting to each and every new disaster. We're barely getting any time to rest. And, as I'm not really a fighter like many of the mechs here, and to be honest, not that skilled a spy... ...*sigh* I feel so lost and helpless, in this. I want to do something, but so far, all I can do is help defend against attacks.

Perhaps that is enough. But... I still worry, and wish I can do more. *she glances to the music box* Perhaps... there is something I can do. I never was trained for this, I'm not skilled, and if I'd only be in the way, I'll leave, but... ...there are so many injured mechs, right now. And Ratchet is hurt, unable to help. I know there are more medics -- First Aid, and Wheeljack and Perceptor are skilled, too, but... If there is some way I can help... even if it's running to get tools, turn things on, or off... I want to assist. There is no harm in asking, I suppose.[/Internal Log]

*her mind made up, Kali stands, closing the music box (must to the mewling protest of the kitten-bots -- Kali turns on the radio, softly, instead), then leaves her quarters, heading for Med Bay. Hovering at the door a moment, she taps the closed door, wondering and worrying at the situation inside*
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[Internal Log]
... It's so quiet. But, rather than peaceful... things are so tense here... I'm afraid it'd break if I stepped on it. It's that brittle. It's unnerving. And scary.

Are things like this, here, often? Judjing by how tense and worried the others look... I don't think so. They've had it hard, they've had it rough, but... even they're worried.

Primus... I'm scared. There are so few of us left here in the Ark... and more keep getting called out... Everything is happening so quickly... Even though things were rough on Cybertron, they were never like THIS.

But... even if I AM scared... I'm here, now... I can't go scurrying off to my room, or Cybertron... and hide any longer. I haven't been here long, but... the mechs I've seen, here? The ones I've met... made friends with...? I can't run and hide. I can't abandon them.

I might not be a warrior, or especially strong... but I will do all I can, if it comes to it... to help defend my new home, and my friends...[/Internal Log]

*in her quarters, Kali pulls her sword from subspace, checking it over... sharpening it, polishing it's edge... then subspaces it again. She then leaves her quarters, and starts to wander the halls of the Ark, moving towards the Common Room, and where Teletran-01 is... to see if there was anything she could DO to help...*
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Backtracking a bit here... This RP starts after Tracks and Kali leave Reflector down in the brig. On their way through the halls they hear the noise of the catbots in 'Jack's lab and decide to investigate.

SAP & angst warning :P :P Flames will NOT be tolerated!! (this means YOU, Seeker Bros'!!)

I had to post the log on my own server... It was too long for the blog filter. ^_^;;;

Of Cats and 'Bots
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I can't sit and pace in my room all day... It's not becoming of an Autobot. And I must remind myself that I am in the front line forces now. I can't let fear and worry cause me to run and hide. I have to grow stronger. Become an Autobot worthy of being here.

Normally, I would ease my worries with dance. It wouldn't be productive at this point, though... so I shall do the next best thing; practice. I'll have to stick with the Cybertronian martial arts I know... I would love to study what forms of martial arts Earth has, but right now I need to get moving, and to start studying would be really slow and awkward. I have to work out my frustrations and worry.

So if anyone needs me, I will be in one of the training rooms, practicing.

Well, once I find the training rooms, that is... c____c;
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By Primus.... I don't know what to DO! I fear... there is nothing I can do, at the moment... :(

We've been dealt a very strong blow by the Decepticons. That much is certian. :( And this was just the tail end of a long string of events, so I gather....

I didn't stay long, after this... ..."Seether" fellow and the other 'cons escaped. Red Alert seemed like a twitchy, but nice mech, but... oh Primus. Was he ever mad. Such righteous FURY I've rarely seen.... Ratchet, too... the both of them... :( They have every right to be mad, but... it still frightened me. As soon as I saw Red Alert pounding down the hall... I quickly came back to my quarters.

I feel so helpless, so useless! I could do nothing back there. No more so than the others, I suppose. That 'con played us like a well-tuned instrument! I can understand the others' frustrations.... :(

And now, even more Autobots are hurt. Those that aren't are in a flurry to set things right. ... All I can do, right now... is just stay out of everyone's way. :(

.... Primus help us all.... :(
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((OOC: timeslipping back a bit... ^^;))

Things have happened so fast, since my arrival here on Earth... Things have changed, but, Primus... I wouldn't have it any other way.

I never thought it would happen. Certainly not as quickly as it did, but... it did, and... ... I just can't help from sounding like a sparkling, seeing and experiencing things for the first time. Which, I suppose, I am, in a way.

I have fallen, and fallen hard and fast, for Tracks. Such a gentlemech! A definate charmer! Such a soft, pleasant voice... and his old body, at least... definately handsome! I can see why he's been so devastated by recent events. I have faith that Ratchet and Wheeljack will repair him with no problems, however.

I'm attracted to him, of that I'm certain. Does it go deeper..? It might. Only time can tell of that. I ... wouldn't be opposed to the idea, though. *^_^*
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Tons of meme responses that I laughed my head off for a couple of different reasons, all under the cut. And yes, all VERY much OOC. X3 (since I'm being lazy, I'm putting the responses I got for both Kaleidoscope and Red Alert, here... ^.^;)

goofing around with memes! )
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"seventh heaven", and now "cloud nine"... On my way back to my quarters last night, some Autobot coming off the late shift commented that I looked like I was 'walking on cloud nine'. While I don't understand that completely, I can understand the meaning. It certainly does feel like I'm floating...

I feel so much like a sparkling... so light-headed and giddy, and that's not from the energon. He surprised me, certainly... a shadow that came out of nowhere, in the lounge late last night (or was it even earlier this morning? I'm still not used to time and all, here). At first, I must guiltily admit, I didn't think much of him, but... I've only been here a little over a day, now... and already I am learning SO much. Ratchet and Wheeljack have taught me that a mech might be rough around the edges, but they could have the largest fuel pumps of anyone.

And him...? Well... Not to judge by appearances. His current state was caused by his bravery, helping others out of the line of fire. He was so polite, so well-spoken, so gallant and ... well... I was immediately taken with him. I'm still giddy and surprised, and oh-so-flattered by everything we talked about... It took a good long time for me to finally regain control of my emotions enough to control my colouring. At the end, I didn't care what he looked like -- he was brave and oh-so-charming -- the mech inside was what counted.

Only a day here on Earth, and already I can see myself changing for the better. I can't wait to talk to Tracks again, and be shown around the Ark and Earth, once he's fully repaired. :)
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...That's what Jazz said it looked like I was in, while I was talking to him, whatever it means. More on that in a moment....

Taking advantage of that brief blackout Wheeljack caused, I ducked out of the hall to avoid the more rowdy Autobots and their 'sport'... I entered the lounge.

And to my absolute delight I happened across Jazz there.

Oh, we talked for decacycles... My initial expression on loving music, and my past as a dancer was enough for him to launch into all SORTS of descriptions of the various music and dancing styles here on Earth. So often he included samples of the music, and demonstrated some of the dance moves he picked up. Ratchet's appraisal of him didn't do him justice! He is incredibly talented, and so diverse is his knowledge... I wish he had been my instructor, back at Iacon's Grand Dance Acadamy! As it is, I hope to become a student of his here, on Earth... and I hope to do his teachings justice.

He seemed quite amused, when I stated my intentions. He gave me a few discs, saying that there were video samples of all sorts of different cultural dances on them. I thanked him greatly, and told him I would study them immediately. He laughed, saying he knew I would.

Then he had to leave... some sort of business that had to do with pulling strings, or something... whatever that means... :/ Well, an enjoyable mech, and I so look forward to speaking to him again. Blaster, too... if he is anything like Jazz.

So here I am, still in the lounge, and I've been watching a couple of these videos. I am beyond captivated. Cybertron had nothing like this here. The sheer... VOLUME of different styles is nearly unchartable. The diversity is mindboggling.

I found I was drawn to this 'ballet', which was similar to styles I had learned on Cybertron, but I was quite enamored with this "Latin dance". So rich, so vibrant... *__* I decided to try some. A dance called the "Flamenco". Elegant, sweeping movements of body and arms, with some very quick, skilled footwork. It looks very challenging. I love a good challenge. :)

So even though it's so very "late" at night, now, I can't help but want to try some of these dances out. Most Autobots are likely in recharge, so I'll keep the music on a soft volume. But Primus... I have to giggle at myself. I feel like a rookie at the Acadamy, faltering over every second step! ^.^ It shall take me a while to learn all the moves to this dance, the variations, then improvisations... but I'm ready for that. Now, I think I'll close my log for the time being, and get back to my 'lessons'... :)
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Well... after settling myself in my room, and doing a little "online research" about this new planet I'm on, I think I feel ready to start exploring the Ark. :) I mustn't let the other mechs... unnerve me so. c_c; I know for the most part, they don't mean it. I'm just still not quite used to the 'rough and tumble' types. But I guess this will be a great lesson.

I wonder who I'll run into, in the Ark's hallways. There are so many Autobots I wish to meet, from what Ratchet and Wheeljack have told me! Jazz and Blaster, certainly... as well as Mirage. Mirage's friends, Hound and Trailbreaker, sound like nice mechs too. And the others Ratchet mentioned...

Well, I won't meet anyone here! The Ark may be large, but I have no fear of getting lost. I just hope I don't end up some place where I'm not allowed to be. c_c Ah well! Exploring I shall go! :)
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